Januar 18

Wsus Package Publisher

Wsus Package Publisher – Neues Release

Release V1.3.1411.09

Release Notes
– Add a warning if the user try to import a certificate while a previous valid certificate is still present.
– Allow CustomUpdateEngine to correctly translate the environnement variable %programFiles(x86)%.
– Ctrl+A can now be used to select all the text when editing Applicability MetaData.
– When creating a rule based on Reg Sz To Version, the version number is now limited to 65535.
– The setting for the checkbox „Show online computers only“ will remain after re-launching WPP.
– Some enhancements to the feature „Clean SoftwareDistribution Directory“ to increase its efficiency.
– Allow WPP to publish packages larger than 384 MB.
– Only one instance of WPP can be run at a time.

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