Januar 1

WSUS 3.0 SP 1 RC

     Hier mehr Informationen zum SP 1 RC für WSUS in Version 3:


     Features and Fixes for Microsoft Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP1


     Window Server 2008
     · Integration with Server Manager as an out-of-band role
     · Fixed bugs that required workarounds for Windows Server 2008


     New Client Servicing API
     · Supports software distribution for non-Windows platforms
     o Client registration
     o Filtering of updates by Category and Classification
     o Provides Applicability Rule Extension mechanism
     o Get package metadata
     o Report Update Status for each client


     Driver Publishing via existing Admin API
     · Supports publishing of drivers within the enterprise using vendor provided catalogs
     o Support for bundles
     o Support for prerequisites


     Bug Fixes
     · Bulk approval of updates now does not overwrite existing approvals
     · “Optional” approvals are taken into account when computing effective approval for 
       overlapping target groups
     · Computer Detailed Status report to Excel works!
     · Configuration Wizard retains proxy server password if one is set before upgrade
     · Support for separate proxy server and port for SSL traffic
     · Improved performance by turning off AUTO SHRINK on SUSDB
     · Some client bug fixes based on Windows Error reporting (Watson)
     · Add Printer Wizard now works when getting very large number of drivers from
       Windows Update

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