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     Next Tuesday, 1/22/08, we are adding a new product family to your
     WSUS server – Expression. The Expression product family will include
     updates for all Expression products, including service packs, optional
     updates, and critical or security updates.  For additional information
     on Expression Studio Products see: http://www.microsoft.com/expression/
     Tuesday, 1/22/08 we will be publishing the first Expression Media Service
     Pack (SP1) to the Microsoft Update Site, and making it available
     (depending your on settings ) via Automatic Update, and to Windows Server
     Update Services (WSUS).


    We recommend WSUS admins having Expression deployments in their corporation;
     select this new product family to synchronize associated update classifications
     of your choice.  Additionally, Expression updates will be available from the
     Microsoft Update Catalog http://catalog.update.microsoft.com.



     We are also excited to announce a new product named Silverlight,
     is being made available to Microsoft Update site and WSUS customers
     Tuesday, January 22nd!  The Silverlight product family will include
     installers and updates for the Silverlight browser plug-in for
     Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, enabling simplified
     delivery of media and rich Internet applications that blend animation,
     audio/video, and interactivity. To learn more about Silverlight 1.0
    visit the website at http://www.microsoft.com/silverlight.


     The Silverlight 1.0 installer will be published to the Microsoft Update
     site and available to WSUS servers.  It will be applicable for both Windows
     XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 systems.  For users visiting the Microsoft
     Update site, Silverlight 1.0 will be published as “optional” and available
     to download and install interactively. 


     WSUS Admins, this new product family will appear in the „Products and
     Classification“ selection dialog of your Microsoft Windows Server Update
     Services (WSUS) server, so be sure to select it if you want the Silverlight
     1.0 installer to synchronize down to your server.   The Silverlight 1.0
     installer, will be classified as a “feature pack” for WSUS (so you’ll need
     to be sure you have that classification selected too), and will require
     EULA acceptance before approving to targeted managed clients.  Additionally,
     Silverlight 1.0 will be available from the Microsoft Update Catalog


     Quelle: Microsoft Update Product Team Blog


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